Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Journal #3 - Michael Winters

Michael and I have never met, but I think he's a cool guy. Just look at this arts program he leads at his church. I need to go visit him.

Journal #3 made its way from Arian Armstrong in Ft. Thomas, Ky
to Michael Winters in Louisville, KY.
Distance = 103 miles.
Total miles = 590
Trips: 2

From Michael's blog
The picture above is my addition to the project. I came across a striking song lyric that inspired a prayer in me that inspired me to make this image. There is a Mount Eerie song 'Lost Wisdom' in which the writer has a mystical experience in nature. At one point the song sings, 'I open the front door and the back door and let the wind blow through.' For whatever reason this line really stuck with me. I didn't even consider that he might be talking about a physical door. In my mind, the door in this line refers to a door to a human spirit. The doors are opened and the Wind comes through, the Pure Spirit. I hope this image conveys both an emptiness of the human spirit and the capacity for God to dwell within us.

I'm sure some people will read it as a t-shirt that doesn't say anything, but that's what I get for not putting any words on this spread. -- Michael

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illustrated prayers by Daniel and Arian Armstrong

After Arian Armstrong finished her pages in Journal #3, she had it couriered 30 feet to her husband Daniel. Making the total distanced traveled so far 487 miles and 30 feet.