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Journal #4 - Mike Carter

When I was on my road trip in June, I actually had the journals with me and hand delivered journal #4 to the Carters. 

Mike Carter and Family
Fort Mill, SC

Mike Carter

Pages by his daughter and son. 

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“To Send a Prayer: a Collaborative Journal Project”

Exhibit description:
Last year, Richard Fudge was planning “To Send a Prayer,” an exhibit that explored the visual metaphor of a prayer being akin to a letter. During the planning, Fudge shared the concept and some of his sketches with a fellow artist in Texas. Inspired by the concept of mailing letters to heaven, Fudge began a collaborative journal project. Artists across the country were invited to participate by signing up to receive a journal and add their own visual expressions of prayer through painting, drawing, and photography. The journals began traveling across the country with artists participating from coast to coast.
Over the past year, the four journals have traveled over 25,000 miles, visited 23 cities and over 40 artists have contributed to the project. For the exhibit, 20 selected pages were enlarged and printed for display.

Featured Artists:
Richard Fudge – Memphis, TN             fudge-art.blogspot.com/
Deeann C. Rieves – Atlanta, GA           www.deeannrieves.com/
Alberto Cabrera – Memphis, TN
Jennifer Harvey – Germantown, TN
Suzan R. Wallace – Cape Carteret, NC www.sailblogs.com/member/captsuz/
Mike Carter – Fort Mill, SC   http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/368-michael-carter.html
Mary DeCroce – Southington, CT
Chad Michael Irwin – Memphis, TN
Arian Armstrong – Newport, KY          www.arianarmstrong.com/
Gail Wilkins – Memphis, TN
Amelia Whaley – Mt. Pleasant, SC       www.ameliawhaley.com/
Anneli Anderson – Portland, OR          www.studioanneli.com
Charlie Forrester – Memphis, TN
Kathy MacDonald – Memphis, TN
Graeme Parsons – Bartlett, TN

Opening Reception:
Sunday, September 26
5:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Viewers are invited to attend The Stirring worship experience which begins at 5:30 pm. During this special service, Richard Fudge will create original artwork live on stage. Following the service at 6:30 pm, guests can view the exhibit, enjoy refreshments, and enjoy live music.

“To Send a Prayer: a Collaborative Journal Project” will be on display from September 26th to November 7th. The gallery is open 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. The Stirring Art Gallery also can be viewed during Hope Church’s regular office hours.

The Stirring Art Gallery in Hope Church
(located upstairs inside Entrance 1)
8500 Walnut Grove Rd., Cordova, Tennessee 38018
www.hopepres.com • www.thestirring.net • 901-755-7721
Background on The Stirring Art Gallery:
Various works by local artists are currently on display at The Stirring Art Gallery, located inside Hope Church. Many of the paintings were created live on stage during The Stirring service. Each month, a different local artist volunteers to paint during the service. The completed painting(s) and several other selected works by the artist are then displayed in the gallery and available for purchase by contacting the artist.
The Stirring meets every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at Hope Church at 8500 Walnut Grove Rd. in Cordova, Tennessee. For more information, visit www.thestirring.net.

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Journal #4 - Richard Fudge

Richard Fudge – Memphis, Tn

I know. I know. It's been a long time since I updated this blog. After one of the journals was torn up by a dog (but later repaired) and another journal was nearly lost, the whole project took a break. I've also been getting ready for an art exhibit featuring selected pages from all 4 journals. Plus I've been generally overwhelmed. So it makes sense that I start this update with the prayer I had drawn about 3-4 months ago. A prayer for a spark. That spark that ignites your passion and fills you with energy. This has become a daily prayer. I've yet to reach that point again where I feel that I'm running on a full tank of gas instead of a quarter tank.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Journal #3 - Robyn Blaikie Collins

Taylor John lost his battle with depression on March 9, 2010. He was 28.

Known for his beautiful voice, humorous spirit and endless pranks... the memories and "taylor" stories have flowed on the Taylor John Memorial Page on facebook.

Taylor's life has been celebrated and remembered for these days following his departure to the "best place".

Those left behind are crushed in spirit. Lonely. Longing for their son, brother, uncle, friend who suffered in ways that were unknown. The hope and promise of an eternity together is the thing that is left behind.

May they be the ones that rest in peace knowing this... they will see him again. while Taylor is most likely doing what he does... singing... laughing... experiencing true joy...waiting for the rest to join him.

Pray for those suffering from depression. It is a very real pain.

— Robyn Blaikie Collins, The Colony, TX

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A Dingo Ate My Baby... err Journal

well, it's not that bad. I'm told the dog only damaged the cover but I've yet to see the journal myself. This event only furthers my theory that artists that live in Memphis and know me are less respectful of the stated project deadline (5 days to complete entry) and the journals themselves. I've had more missed deadlines and occasional scares regarding theft, loss or damage with local artists I know than the artists I've never meet who live hundreds of miles away. It's so frustrating.

So now i need to find an artist (not a local for reason stated previously) who can fix a damaged book cover. And then I'm mailing all these journals out of town. Sorry Memphis artists, a few bad apples have ruined it for the whole bunch - at least for the time being.

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Journal #3 - Stefan Wolf

Stefan Wolf
Portland, OR

You also asked if working in the journal had inspired us to start something. I have been doing more finished worship/prayer art lately- it has been a very good for me as a Christian artist and for my friends who I share it with. I don't know if you like classical music, but Rachmoninov's 'Vespers, Op.37' has lately made entering into a place of worship and art very easy for me. It's very worshipful, even in Russian.

Stefan is currently an under grad. student at Portland State University, studying fine art with an emphasis in drawing and printmaking. His primary interests and influences are God, nature, English and Russian Literature, and expressionism. For several years he has been exploring the personal nature of art- largely though his own sketchbooks. Most of what appears is taken from two recent sketchbooks. The image was originally drawn late last summer during a service at Imago Dei, accompanied by the title: The Great Pursuer. Except for Psalm 27, which is buried neath a lot of cross hatching, the writing comes from thinking during walks around SE Portland.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Journal #3 - Anneli Anderson

Anneli Anderson
Portland, OR

A note from Anneli:
Recently, I've been reading through a devotional bible called The Holy Bible Mosaic. It goes by the liturgical calender and starts off with Advent. I was struck with the section on Hope. Not ever really meditating on what hope really is I found this part written by Alex Davis, a friend of mine, enlightening.

Here, then, is real hope: not that we passionately want to be more and do more, but that the one who creates and sustains and cares for the universe waits for us to create and sustain and care, too. So consider: Hope doesn't start with you , depend on you, or end with you. It starts, depends, and ends in Jesus Christ. He connects you to the Father and fills you with the Spirit, empowering you to meet others with the grace that every relationship will require. And when grace is mutually given, hope begins moving afresh.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journal #3 - Kathy Park

God has blessed me through these two pages of journal. I got the journal just in time that I was starting a new direction with patterns of my life and my works. It was when I just got back from a short trip to the Sequoia National Park to just empty my mind hoping to fill that vacuum with His inspiration.

For some reason, that limited space in the journal made me feel more freedom. I will continue to try hard to experience that freedom by practicing emptying myself so His inspiration just take charge in my works. thank you.

Kathy Park
Corona, CA

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Journal #3 - Joyce Stewart

Joyce Stewart
Dripping Springs, TX

Joyce has a deep interest in visual arts through all forms as a window to the soul. Her pilgrim travels abroad have enriched her passion for photography, collage and painting through the eyes of faith. She seeks to encourage church initiatives in bringing together spiritual renewal and artistic expression.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Journal #3 - Jessie Miles Corbitt

Jessie Miles Corbitt
Memphis, TN

Journal #3 route: I must admit I'm behind on posting images from #3. It went on a long trip and when it got back i gave it to an artist in Memphis who kept it too long. So the route was a 5692 mi trip starting in Memphis, Tn to Dripping Springs, TX to Pahrump, NV to Corona, CA to Portland, OR and back to Memphis.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Journal #2 - Robyn Blaikie Collins

Robyn Blaikie Collins
The Colony, TX

A note from Robyn:

my journal experience... i saw superfudge's(can i call him superfudge? i loved that book) art first on susan e. isaac's facebook page becuase she purchased one of his pieces and was so excited about it. i loved the art and the message behind the art. i started to research ... and then just search for the artist. i ran across the blog(s) and ultimately the journal project... i sent an imploring email that said "can i play?" essentially...

i got a response that i would be put on a waiting list. i waited excitedly. when i received the journal, i was awed. to touch the art... look at the art... feel the art... overwhelming. i took it to the church where i work and people were amazed. they loved the concept. they asked how they could get on the list. they told me of people they wanted to share the concept with. the special needs specialist said that she wanted to share the concept with her son's autism community and start a similar project. she wants to capture the art of his friends in a journal, like the art found here...

this same church leader said that richard's entry was like breathing in fresh air. i agree. what an honor to dance across the pages with all of you. the creator gave us these gifts, we honor him by celebrating them together.

my painting is a prayer for baby jim beau. my own child, blaikie, had open heart surgery at age 6 months... this verse we prayed for her and distributed to those who came to visit... she has tetralogy of falot. now, my friend's baby jim beau is heading toward the same surgery. i find myself praying this again... right now... it's what i had to paint. i hope you will pray with me for hearts.. physical and spiritual.

i am a creative person at a megachurch. i write and design for multiple ministries and businesses. i love working teams of people with common goals. i am writing a tv show for TBN.

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