Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Journal #2 - Robyn Blaikie Collins

Robyn Blaikie Collins
The Colony, TX

A note from Robyn:

my journal experience... i saw superfudge's(can i call him superfudge? i loved that book) art first on susan e. isaac's facebook page becuase she purchased one of his pieces and was so excited about it. i loved the art and the message behind the art. i started to research ... and then just search for the artist. i ran across the blog(s) and ultimately the journal project... i sent an imploring email that said "can i play?" essentially...

i got a response that i would be put on a waiting list. i waited excitedly. when i received the journal, i was awed. to touch the art... look at the art... feel the art... overwhelming. i took it to the church where i work and people were amazed. they loved the concept. they asked how they could get on the list. they told me of people they wanted to share the concept with. the special needs specialist said that she wanted to share the concept with her son's autism community and start a similar project. she wants to capture the art of his friends in a journal, like the art found here...

this same church leader said that richard's entry was like breathing in fresh air. i agree. what an honor to dance across the pages with all of you. the creator gave us these gifts, we honor him by celebrating them together.

my painting is a prayer for baby jim beau. my own child, blaikie, had open heart surgery at age 6 months... this verse we prayed for her and distributed to those who came to visit... she has tetralogy of falot. now, my friend's baby jim beau is heading toward the same surgery. i find myself praying this again... right now... it's what i had to paint. i hope you will pray with me for hearts.. physical and spiritual.
i am a creative person at a megachurch. i write and design for multiple ministries and businesses. i love working teams of people with common goals. i am writing a tv show for TBN.

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