Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Journal #3 - Stefan Wolf

Stefan Wolf
Portland, OR

You also asked if working in the journal had inspired us to start something. I have been doing more finished worship/prayer art lately- it has been a very good for me as a Christian artist and for my friends who I share it with. I don't know if you like classical music, but Rachmoninov's 'Vespers, Op.37' has lately made entering into a place of worship and art very easy for me. It's very worshipful, even in Russian.

Stefan is currently an under grad. student at Portland State University, studying fine art with an emphasis in drawing and printmaking. His primary interests and influences are God, nature, English and Russian Literature, and expressionism. For several years he has been exploring the personal nature of art- largely though his own sketchbooks. Most of what appears is taken from two recent sketchbooks. The image was originally drawn late last summer during a service at Imago Dei, accompanied by the title: The Great Pursuer. Except for Psalm 27, which is buried neath a lot of cross hatching, the writing comes from thinking during walks around SE Portland.

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  1. beautiful. wish i could read it more clearly... love it.