Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Journal #3 - Robyn Blaikie Collins

Taylor John lost his battle with depression on March 9, 2010. He was 28.

Known for his beautiful voice, humorous spirit and endless pranks... the memories and "taylor" stories have flowed on the Taylor John Memorial Page on facebook.

Taylor's life has been celebrated and remembered for these days following his departure to the "best place".

Those left behind are crushed in spirit. Lonely. Longing for their son, brother, uncle, friend who suffered in ways that were unknown. The hope and promise of an eternity together is the thing that is left behind.

May they be the ones that rest in peace knowing this... they will see him again. while Taylor is most likely doing what he does... singing... laughing... experiencing true joy...waiting for the rest to join him.

Pray for those suffering from depression. It is a very real pain.

— Robyn Blaikie Collins, The Colony, TX

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