Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal #2 - Capt. Suzan R. Wallace

Capt. Suzan R. Wallace, MFA
Cape Carteret, NC
I knew that my prayer needed to be from my association with the wind & the seas. So I worked in layers over several days...laying down the foundation...then building upon that with my collection of hand-carved species stamps (a sailors/whalers log tradition)....once I had created the layers of living creatures in the sea....I saw myself sailing upon the huge ocean in my small wooden boat (a sprits'l skiff in ink & colored pencil) seen from if the Lord watches over me while I sail...and then the prayer washed over me, reminding me of the connection I feel when it is just me, my boat, my sails and the Lord. To those of us who sail single-handed into open water....the wind is surely the spirit of grace and the Lord, a constant companion~
I chose to add the Genesis 1:1 because to create is divine....and to be abundantly grateful for all that is layed out before me... a grand blessing beyond compare.

thank you for the opportunity...I will share the project with my artist/illustrator colleagues!