Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Journal #2 - Jennifer Harvey

Thank you, Jennifer for participating

"I call it Life is Messy. It is a combination of fabric and paint. It says God uses the torn and broken pieces of our lives to create something whole and beautiful. Every small piece that I added was a prayer for a specific person. Adding the paint on top allowed me to connect my prayers together and add a sense of how God knows what our prayers are even if they are obscured.

By participating in the journal, it let me see how everyone has a different approach to art, just like everyone has their own approach to prayer. No two ways are the same, but they are all correct." - Jennifer Harvey, Memphis, TN

Artist Bio:
Jennifer is a fiber artist whose main focus is quilting. It is a very empowering sense to be able to take small pieces of fabric and be able to join them into one large beautiful statement. Although I quilt more than I paint, when I do paint; fabric, ribbon, or quilt patterns always make there way into the project.

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